toboggan sur mesure conception


The engineers and designersinvolved in the creation of your IRONSLIDE® product will be at your side for the duration of your project.

From design to delivery, we deploy the full gamut of our savoir faireto oversee every detail of the manufacturing process. Design drawings, working plans, laser cutting, assembly, welding, finishings and installation: each of these stages is taken care of in-house by our teams.

Throughout your project, ourspecialist design team will be on hand to help you create an unforgettable space.


Entirely designed and manufactured in France at our Bordeaux warehouses, our made-to-measure IRONSLIDE® projects are the perfect way to showcase your premises and your parks. Our experts, some of whom have worked on the Tour de France and all of whom have a state-of-the-art mastery of their profession and its techniques, work each piece individually liketrue artisans.

We do not work with subcontractors and have a full in-house mastery of the entire chain of production, meaning that we are able to handle all the challenges that typically arise when designing slides and play areas. We guarantee smooth project implementation within the allotted deadlines.

The absence of subcontractors in the manufacturing process also means that you will have one dedicated contact person who will support you from the beginning to the end of your project and will keep you informed of progress step by step.


Our teams can be deployed anywhere in France and also abroad, and can take care of on-sitelogistics andinstallation.

An IRONSLIDE® project encompasses every aspect of the process, from design to installation. We work with our own experienced fitters in France and internationally. Thanks to cutting-edge production facilities, our teams are constantly learning on the job as the profession evolves