Our dry slides are available indoor and outdoor, offer many options to create your custom slide. Straight, curved, coiled or hélicoidal, our different trajectories added to finishing touches for IRONSLIDE® dry slide singularity.


Our experts supports you in custom slide conception thanks to our different options. You can choose paint and their finishing touches, window form and couverture type, but also your security process. IRONSLIDE® dry slides offer huge possibilities.


Our different models, Parallax Slide, Cosmik Slide, Vortex Slide and Storm Slide will be great for your slide getting huge sensations !


Benefits ? IRONSLIDE® dry slides are made of stainless steel. Strong material and corrosion resistant. Hypoallergenic, indestructible, unalterable and requires little maintenance. Furthermore, stainless steel is ecological because he’s 100% recyclable.


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